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Introducing: The RC Blog

Introducing: The RC Blog

We are excited to announce the launch of The RC Blog! An exclusive platform for you to dive into our latest happenings with major waves of board inspo headed your way.

Ahoy Beaches!

We are excited to share with you the launch of our new blog

Our small business is growing and expanding, so what better way to keep you up to date on our latest products, seasonal sales and happenings than a blog exclusively for our followers.

Here at The RC, we're all about finding waves of inspiration from what's around us. It's how new boards, color trends, and ways of connecting with you are born. We want to share our inspirations with you on this new platform and dive into what we're making now and what's coming soon.

We'll share who's who at The RC, swoon-worthy places that are both travel and pallet inspiring, clever tips & tricks for around the house, and delectable wine and cheese pairings, to name a few.

We envision this to not only be a platform for you to visit, learn and prep before hosting a party, but also a visual escape to destinations around the globe or right here in the US. 

Who's who at The Rustic Craftsman

Lindsey - Owner, Creative Visionary, Wave Enthusiast 

Lindsey is the owner of The RC. Bringing ocean inspired ideas to life through her artwork is a more than full time gig, and she loves every minute of it. Growing up near the ocean inspires her fresh wave concepts and vibrant color combinations in her work.

On any given day, you can find her pouring, cutting and sanding her handmade boards and trays, all while running day-to-day operations. If that weren't enough, she does it all while raising her three kiddos and making time for her hubby.

As a small business owner, she strives to produce high quality functional art with exceptional customer service. Aside from making the goods, Lindsey is the visionary and face of the business. She runs the social media and marketing operations, as well as being the "big picture" planner for The RC. 

When she clocks out, you can probably find her sipping a large glass of cab with friends, planning the next big adventure.

Jon - Co Owner, Finance Guy, Jack of all trades

Jon's the co owner of The RC and does a lot of the behind the scenes legwork. He's a master organization specialist, number cruncher, display builder and heavy lifter.

He is the sounding board for new projects and ideas, and chief contributor in bringing the teams visions into reality.

When he's not working at his day job (or night job at The RC), you can find him on his street bike or grilling something tasty. 

Dana - Development Innovator, Linguistic Lead

Dana joined the RC Team in October of '21. As Lindsey's longtime friend, she was an easy fit for the position. At home, she's a housewife and "fun mom" of two joyfully energetic kiddos.

When she clocks in at The RC, its like stepping into a little creative paradise. She focuses her energy on anything from painting & power tools to writing new content for the website. You can also find her assisting Lindsey at various markets throughout the year.

In her fleeting free time, Dana savors a full glass of pinot, good friends and impromptu dance parties with her fam.



Waves of Inspo

Featured Serveware

With the holidays behind us, we can't help but look towards the new year with rose colored glasses. 2021 brought us many highs and some lows. We can confidently say, we're eager to dive into 2022! The dawn of a new year is exhilarating and full of hope. It's a lot like a sunrise, bursting with colorful and subtle energy.  


These gorgeous signature handle boards are where it all started. We combine beautiful hand-selected hardwoods with 100% food safe resin to create one-of-a-kind serveware for your home, corporate event, or on the go. Upgrade your hostess flair by adding these Sunrise Signature Handle Boards to your collection! 

Shop featured boards:

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    I love the blog. What a great team you and Jon are. Live life to the fullest. Joy laughter. And family. God Bless you both. And your new Team member

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