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Walnut and White River Tray

  • $225.00

Rustic beauty and elegance combine in this gorgeous Walnut and White River Tray. A stunning piece for entertaining or displaying in your office or home, year-round. Versatile and stylish, you can serve breakfast in bed, or display your favorite flowers in the kitchen.

The striking contrast of the rich chocolate and caramel tones in the walnut against the pure white will excite and delight! 

This tray is 18x10" and handles are optional or can be changed to your style preference.

Our River Trays are carefully cut and prepared for a mold, poured with the utmost care and consideration to color outcome, and finished carefully to ensure the integrity of the wood and resins. We use EcoPoxy for deep pour pieces and finish with Food Grade Walrus Oil and Walrus Oil Wood Wax for piece of mind. The highest quality pieces you can find! 

*Made to order items are created in 10-14 days and shipped shortly after. 

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